Started up as a radio amateur in 1977. My call was then OZ1DLV. I started working with 2 meter SSB. Afther i passed my morse test in 1978, I worked a lot of CW stations on 2 meter. There was also many connection via aurora in the log.

In late 1978 I got the interest in the HF bands. I've ben activ ever since. Many connections were made via RTTY. I has been given many reports in various contests. Later, I have actively participated in many kinds of contest.

In 2000 August, I received my new call OZ5NJ. It was only meant to be used exclusively for the contests. I soon found out it was a bit messy with two calls so I have since year 2000 only used call: OZ5NJ.

I have for years participated in JOTA for the scouts in Ringkobing. Today i have the pleasure that some of the scouts have an amateur radio license. Unfortunately , there has not been time for this activity in recent years. I hope to resume this service later.

I am also very active in our local club station OZ8H. I've been a member since 1977. I have in the past few winters given instruction in CW so radio amateurs could get there CW license.

In recent years I have also given lecture in using the PSK31 mode. It has also been to a lot QSO's via PSK31 for now. I note that more and more hams are using PSK31. Also older radio amateurs enjey driving PSK31.

In recent years I have involved myself in the use of DSTAR. We have started a new DSTAR repeater located on the club station OZ8H i Herning. I am license holder.

Let us together try to get more youngs into our common hobby. In my opinion a very nice hobby where there are room for us all no matter what country we are from. I cant live without my freands around the world. For me, this hobby has become a life style.

Niels J. Nielsen